Big or small, extravagant or laid back, we’d love to help you. Our bar is a great private event space that accommodates up to 100 people, or we can simply reserve you a sweet spot within the bar. We have foosball, cornhole, chess and ping pong to keep our guest entertained! Our spacious patio is a nice addition to your party. Centrally located from Denver, Aurora, Boulder, Longmont, Wheatridge, Brighton right of I-25 makes us a perfect meeting space for all!

Buzztime offers many different kinds of games where players compete for prizes and recognition against others in the same establishment and across North America. Buzztime’s game offerings include a variety of popular trivia games and familiar favorites like Texas Hold ‘Em.

Face off against your biggest rivals on the STIGA Master Series ST3100 Competition indoor table tennis table. Experience optimal bounce and surface response as you respond to your challenger with powerful returns.

Objective – Maneuver your 4 rods to control your 13 player figures to drive the ball towards your target goal. Sounds easy enough… until you have to keep your opponent(s) from doing the same! Game/Match – A basic game of foosball is a race to 10 points/goals. The first team to 10 goals wins the game.

First used in 1979, the word “karaoke” is comprised of two Japanese words: “Kara,” meaning empty and “oke” or “okesutora,” meaning orchestra. Audience members take turns adding their vocals to prerecorded background music in this popular form of entertainment. So, whether you’re a rising star or just like to have fun… come sing with us every Friday night!

Cornhole or Corn Toss is similar to horseshoes except you use wooden boxes called cornhole boards and corn bags instead of horseshoes and metal stakes. Contestants take turns pitching their corn bags at the cornhole platform until a contestant reaches the score of 21. A corn bag in the hole is 3 points, while one on the platform scores 1 point. Scoring can be swift and the lead may change hands several times in a match before the winner is decided.

What to drink while you play.