Drunken Monkeys is owned and operated by a husband & wife team Tony & Janelle... come be apart of our story.

The story begins with a couple, like many others, married, stable careers, kids, dogs… but with the dream of something more. We often talked about opening a business, never quite serious, more wishful than realistic.

Tony felt is was time to make the jump on the idea of opening a business so he had a SUPER long talk with Janelle asking her for more support when it came to him being an entrepreneur.

A couple of weeks later Tony called Janelle and said “Hunny… the bar down the street has a “for rent” sign on it, I’m going to call it.”

Fast forward, after months of research, hard work and determination, we opened our doors on August 18, 2017.

Throughout the creation there were many things we valued and wanted to pass on to our customers. Some of these values are:

  • A sense of community
  • Safe and fun environment
  • Clean and inviting atmosphere
  • Prompt and personable customer interaction

We basically wanted a place for where you walk in and feel at home, drink with friends new and old, and always have a great time!

So, Celebrate your birthday with us, let’s drink to the new job offer, cheers to new engagement, please share all your four-legged family pics. We want to be your neighbor!